Mindmatch focus on professional leadership development through training and managment coaching. Our goal is to be your primary partner in change and development. Our methods are based on evidence-based international research and gives you measurable results.

Specialties: Coaching, mindfulness, training


Charlotte Nilsson, MindmatchCharlotte Nilsson

CEO, senior consultant and partner of Mindmatch, a Swedish company specialized in coaching and training. Executive coach, with over twelve years experience of team and individual coaching in Sweden and overseas. Developing and designing training and coaching programs for companies and tailoring programs for the specific needs of the client organisation. Providing tailored in-house training for skills in communication, conflict management, performance/effectiveness, achievement/ goals, emotional intelligence and coaching leadership. Clients include; Governmental agencies, local small and medium sized companies, larger international companies, mainly within the industry of technology/IT and finance sectors. Pedagogical and coaching approach is to work with behaviour through experience-based orientations in adult learning, and solution-focused coaching methodologies.

Charlotte has considerable interest in international business, training and supervising local and international teams in cultural awareness.

  • SpecialtiesLeadership coaching
  •  Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Training & Coaching for Cultural Awareness
  • Key note speaker on leadership, ethics and values


Tomas Nilsson, MindmatchTomas Nilsson

Tomas is a senior consultant and partner of Mindmatch, a Swedish company, specialized in leadership development through coaching and training www.mindmatch.se He is an experienced and qualified trainer/ facilitator and coach with over twelve year experience of team and individual coaching and supervising in the private as well as the public sector in Sweden.

Tomas has developed a special coaching program for leaders with a mindfulness approach, a particular awareness training, designed to increase the ability to be consciously present in the daily routines as a leader. The aim is to facilitate behavioral change through acceptance and presence in how things really are, to let go of stimuli reactions from your brain and increase the ability to act according to what the situation require. The purpose is to increase focus, by letting go of worries, emotions and thoughts which easily arise in the complex environments as the organizations of today. It’s also a way to curiously arise questions about the mind, how it works, what its limits and possibilities are.

Tomas has a strong believe in the ability and potential of people to change, not only superficially but, over time, as far as to the function and structures of the brain. Through creating a learning environment that embraces acceptance and curiosity, he skillfully leads people to challenge their present limits.

Tomas has a B.Sc. in Economics which concludes integrated intercultural studies with Spanish language and Ethnology. He also has a 2-year study-degree in Psychotherapy and is a mindfulness instructor.

He is currently working with leaders of companies in the areas of administration, high technology and in the power sector.

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